Don’t Fear the Little Monsters


You Should Travel With Your Kids

I just want to get this out of the way: little kids are annoying.

If you are following moms on social media who pretend its always bliss at home – no diaper blowouts, no tantrums, no defiant disobedience – do yourself a favor and unfollow.

The problem with thinking those images are real is that you start to think something is wrong with your own kids. Nothing is wrong with your children. There may be something wrong with you, but not the kids. You should be worried if they aren’t combative with every single seemingly insignificant thing. You should be worried if they’re sitting quietly in a corner instead of tearing up the house. You may have a psychopath on your hands.

So, of course traveling with kids can be a hassle. You should anyway.

When you’re on vacation, you get to leave behind everything that gets in the way of you spending quality time with your babies. No work, no invites from friends, no grocery shopping. You don’t even have house chores to do. It’s all family time. When was the last time you got to spend 48 hours totally engaged with your child? This time together is invaluable when you think about the long-term bonds you are building.

Don’t underestimate how much of a learning experience travel can be. My 4 year old talks about the time we visited the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City. He knows quite a bit about Bison. He also had a hands on experience at a milk farm. Imagine the possibilities if these experiences continue through his teen years.

So how do we (I) make traveling bearable with kids.

Saleh hates that I tend to over pack, but he doesn’t complain when I pull out the bribe snacks. There’s no such thing as being too prepared. I like to think of all the possibilities and be ready for them. After a couple of trips, you will have it down. You will know exactly what to pack. But just make sure you are prepared for the worst – extra clothing, extra snacks, extra toys, books, bags for dirty clothing, soundtrack for road trips. Men will make fun of you for it, but you know better.

Naps are crucial! While on a roady, don’t stop while they’re napping. Just keep pushing. If you stop, they will wake up. At your destinations, naps need to be scheduled into the day. Traveling is exhausting. You need the naps too. We always ask for a baby crib for the little one and most hotels are accommodating.

Finally, make sure the trip isn’t just for you. Don’t drag the kids to Vegas to watch you eat at buffets and walk the strip. They don’t care about that stuff. We recently visited Portland, Oregon and included a visit to Salt and Straw ice cream shop and the AMAZING Portland Children’s Museum. The kids had a blast! This museum, wow! Probably the best children’s museum we’ve been to. Minnesota’s is up there too. But yeah, the vacation is not just for you, its for them as well. Make sure they’re not just your tag along. They will behave better when they’re having fun.

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