Travel Made Me a History Buff


One of the first courses I took in college was an art history class. I was a teenager and I remember the professor showing us her photos of the ancient art in Egypt. She had actually gone and saw the stuff herself! I was used to simply seeing text book stock photos so I was impressed. A little jealous really.

So one of my first trips abroad was to Egypt and I went alone. I was 23 at the time. Of course I stared in awe at the great pyramids of Giza trying to contemplate how they were constructed before Jesus was even around. 2500 years before him! But I also visited and prayed in old mosques. Some 300, some 500, even 1000 years old. That was it – I was officially a history buff.

Later, I started hunting out historic sites and structures. When I visited Saudi Arabia, I did pay a visit to the ancient holy mosques in Mecca and Madinah. I also made sure to fly over to Riyadh and check out the National Museum and get a first hand look at how the country was founded.

Istanbul is an open air museum. Everything you see is hundreds and thousands of years old and spans different empires.

When I was in Dallas for 3 days, I couldn’t resist the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Policy differences aside, it is a fantastic museum! It was very well put-together, educational and interactive.

To some people, history just isn’t their thing. It wasn’t mine for a long time. All it took was that first trip and my life is richer because of it.

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