The Most Beautiful Place on our Planet


The water was too tempting. This teen took a dip into Jenny Lake.


It’s sort of a ridiculous statement being that we haven’t seen every place in the world, but I find it hard to believe there is a landscape more astonishing than Wyoming. These 100 square miles provide gorgeous photo ops – towering peaks, crystal clear lakes, open prairies, wild life. It’s all there.

But don’t fly in. Make it a road trip, starting from Salt Lake City, Utah and experience the changes in landscape and enjoy the beauty of the wide open road. Keep your eyes peeled for deer, bison, elk, bears and if you really get lucky, you may even spot a gray wolf.

We spotted an abundance of wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. We were standing watching a couple of bison, meanwhile, a black bear was roaming about 150 yards behind us. You will also have a chance to see Old Faithful erupt!

Grand Teton National Park isn’t as famous, however it is a sight to behold. Do not leave Wyoming without visiting Teton. The view of the twin snow-capped peaks just above Jenny Lake is absolutely fabulous.

Yellowstone is a five hour drive from Salt Lake City. Grand Teton is just south of Yellowstone.

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One thought on “The Most Beautiful Place on our Planet

  1. Warning! long Reply coming. In my youth, I had this idea in my mind of doing Youth Hosteling abroad. I was going to fly into North Africa perhaps Tangiers, morroco etc.

    Next I was going to do Europe using a Vespa Scooter. But I was going going over to Europe via the Straits Of Gibraltar into Spain and then into Europe. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t do all of this! A very good question.

    The answer is simple. I got sidetracked.LOL. But stay tuned! I’m. Still going to do it


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