Hong Kong Thanksgiving Break?

Hey why not do something different? Fly roundtrip from LAX to HKG for just………..$475 on Air China. This flight is available right now from November 18-24.

Hong Kong is a really cool city. It’s an island situated just a stones throw away from main land China. The sky line seems to stretch forever. It’s really one of the most impressive sky lines we’ve seen.

Hong Kong is busy, bustling, blue collar but glamorous at the same time. The best way to explore the city is by foot. You will come across tiny parks, perfect for meditation. You will wander into local shops and not recognize a single item being sold.

A trip to Hong Kong isn’t complete without going across Kowloon Bay to the main land side and watch the light show. All of the skyscrapers synchronize their lights to go along with the music for a really cool 15 to 20 minute show.

Don’t think about it. Just do it. Five years from now you’ll be glad you had the experience.

Check out the Instagram page for pictures @tooomanysteps

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