Grand Canyon is a Must with Kids

First of all, kids or not, if you are an American and haven’t seen the Grand Canyon yet, stop what you’re doing and plan the trip. Now! You don’t want to leave the planet without having seen the breathtaking canyon. No, you don’t understand. It literally takes your breath away.

The Grand Canyon is less than a 4-hour drive from either Las Vegas or Phoenix. This means you have a nice little roadie with the kids – a good time to talk to them, listen to them, build some character and relationship bonding…patience testing.

Nature trips are amazing with kids because you’re forced into science and religion lessons. I promise, your kids will be smarter because of the experience. Once you get over the awe and grandness of the canyon, you will want to do your own homework as a parent to answer your own curiosity and the barrage of questions from Junior.

No one has ever been to the Grand Canyon and said, “mehh, I wish I never saw that.”

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