Add German Christmas Markets to the Bucket List

Being a Muslim family, we didn’t even know what a Christmas market was. But one day Etihad gave us free roundtrip airfare to Dusseldorf, Germany. It was Etihad’s inaugural flight to the city and they wanted to promote the flight. Of course we weren’t going to say no.

So we did a little research on what there was to do in Dusseldorf and found the Christmas markets to be fascinating. In the winter time, there are multiple markets set up all over the city, mainly offering FOOD! Sold us.

We visited all six markets in the city within a 3 day span. We had the most ridiculous grilled cheese sandwich. There’s a block of cheese set underneath a heated device. Once the top of the cheese is starting to melt, it’s removed from the heat and scraped onto buttered bread.

We sampled roasted nuts, crepes, potato pizzas, pumpkin soup, waffles, and wieners.

Before Dusseldorf, I didn’t drink coffee. I just didn’t like it. My love affair with coffee started in a train station where Saleh convinced me to try an apple cinnamon latte. That was the moment I converted.

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