Downtown ATL is a Field Trip for Teens

When we ask our 2 and 5 year old who Dr. King was, all they say is Dr. King died. They clearly didn’t get the point of the King Center. But the downtown area of Atlanta, Georgia is full of learning experiences for teenage kids. Your family vacations are perfect when every member of the family can enjoy the activities together. You will enjoy these experiences just as much as your 16-year old.

King Center – The Museum dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr. is small but it packs some cool items. One of the most unique items was one of his hand-written speeches, next to a suit he wore during a march. There’s a pair of his dress shoes on display and many other personal items. There’s also a section of the museum dedicated to his wife. Their final resting place is at the entrance, surrounded by a calm water display. A few blocks from the center is a real treat – Dr. King’s birth home!

CNN Headquarters – Your kids probably aren’t watching much CNN and they probably shouldn’t. They will still love the massive building CNN calls home. Take the guided tour. You get to go behind the scenes and see how news stories are developed and then brought to air. You will see studios where some popular shows are shot. We’re not going to give it all away because some things have to be a surprise. This could be an experience that sparks a career interest for your teen.

World of Coke – This place is just pure fun! Another learning experience, you discover the history of Coke, from its concoction in the 1800s by an Atlanta pharmacist to the protection of its recipe, to the changes in ownership over time. But the real fun is all in the tasting room. Be prepared to spend some time in there and overload on Coke drinks from all over the world.

Olympic Park – Gonna be honest, we didn’t get a chance to hang out at the park, but it looked like an amazing place to spend some time. It was built for the Olympic games in ATL in 1996. Google it. If we had an extra day we would have explored it.

The great thing is, CNN, Coke and Olympic Park are all within walking distance of each other. Bring the kids, grab a hotel in downtown for 3 days (and bring a few coins because the gift shops are enticing). The whole family will learn something, spend time together and have fun at the same time.

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