Washington DC with Students from Compton

Three days ago we returned from an exhausting but inspirational trip to Washington DC. I took 3 middle school students from the Compton area on their first ever trip by air outside of the state of California.

Before I get into how the trip went, let’s talk about travel for a minute.

When I was in my early 20s, I spent 2 weeks in West Africa and 2 weeks in Cairo, Egypt. My experience in Africa totally changed my perception of my own country. I learned to appreciate and take advantage of the opportunities that America offers its citizens.

But most of all, my time spent in Africa is what really lit my passion for travel.

In my book, Is the Smart Kid Yours, I talk about how kids who do well academically often experience some form of regular travel as children.

In Washington DC, our group visited Howard University and did a 2-hour tour and scavenger hunt. We stood at the location of Martin Luther King’s famous speech and gazed up at the Lincoln Memorial. The highlight of the field trip was a visit to the brand new, fabulous Museum of African American History (plan ahead, there are millions of people trying to get it). Be on the lookout for announcements on next year’s trip. Visit http://www.amanirose.org for more information.

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