Frequent Flyer Feature – Abdullah Ali

Abdullah is a 25-year old law student in America. He has a handful of stamps in his passport. These are the questions he answered.

How many countries have you visited and what 2 stand out to you the most?

Of the ten countries I’ve visited, Morocco and UK stand out the most.

Most people who travel a lot can point to one trip where the travel bug bit. When did you get it? 

It was when I was in London. And I think it may be because I was traveling solo. I enjoyed taking the train to random stops and just walking around. Or walking into a restaurant without Yelping it and having a great meal. Everything was great on this trip.  The trip was such an amazing experience that it left me yearning to travel every break I had. 

Do you prefer the 3rd world experience or would you rather vacation in developed cities? 

I’ve never been to a true 3rd world country, only a “developing” country. However, I definitely prefer developed cities. I like comfort in my travels – safety, housing, transportation. I prefer developed cities full of historical sites the most. 

A question many people want to know but probably afraid to ask, how can you afford to travel so much?  

I kinda spend money on traveling that I don’t spend on things like clothes and shoes. I’ve never been into fashion so that saves me a lot of money. Also, I choose times of year where flights and hotels are cheapest. I don’t travel during summer months, which is peak time. Surprisingly, you can find flights during non-peak times that are cheaper than some domestic flights. 

What’s the annoying part about traveling that people don’t get to see on Instagram?

For me, it’s traveling with certain people. The company you have can make or break a trip. I’ve had experiences where the company was so bad that I’d rather have forgone the trip altogether. But it’s all smiles on IG. 

What’s typically in your carry on bag?

Prayer rug, laptop, toiletries, snacks, and first aid kit.

Some people travel just for the food. What country had the best food in your opinion?

UK. The options were as diverse as this world. And the food was amazing. This was especially the case in London. It had some of the best food I’ve ever had. 

Where have you been where you weren’t very impressed? 

Spain. The food isn’t good and the people aren’t very friendly. Only thing I enjoyed was all of the history and historical sites. 

Sometimes on a trip, you run into someone and you think back like, dang I wish I got that person’s contact. Is there someone that sticks out to you?

Not really.

What’s next for you? What’s still on your bucket list?

Back to London in March. But I want to do a Southeast Asia trip soon. That’s on my bucket list and next in sight. 

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