Frequent Flyer Feature – Eros Cubias

The American Dream is changing. The new American dream seems to be exploring what is not America. Eros has trekked almost every Central and South American country. He shared his thoughts and experiences with us.

You’ve seen a lot of Central and South America. What keeps bringing you back to that region?

A combination of the unique natural beauty, affordability, its diverse colonial culture, and breathtaking taking sites of the pre-columbian societies that once inhabited the area. 

Most people who travel a lot can point to one trip where the travel bug bit. When did you get it? 

I got it the first time I visited El Salvador as a teenager. All I had known about the country was what I heard on the news, I had no idea that the country was filled by unspoiled natural beauty and some of the kindest most humble people I ever met. Although I wasn’t met with a luxury experience at five star hotels, it didn’t matter because I was inspired by the simplistic beauty of it all and realized that I needed to see the world through my own perspective. 

You do a lot of solo trips. You’re not afraid to land in a new city or country by yourself?

I was at first but I usually do my research beforehand and try to be as prepared as possible. I recommend using this site to get an idea for what countries to be cautious of  and what to be aware while in the respective country you plan to visit. 

A question many people want to know but probably afraid to ask, how can you afford to travel so much? 

I usually cut back on luxury experiences, I fly economy, use travel apps, and I do not mind staying in hostels from time to time. Aside from those things I usually try to take no more than two big trips out of the country a year and avoid buying things that I don’t need when I’m not traveling. 

What’s the annoying part about traveling that people don’t get to see on Instagram?

Dealing with your banks while being abroad. I have had moments where I had complications accessing my money out of the country and having to cancel plans because of it. 

Out of all the countries you’ve been to in Central and South America, where would you retire and why?

Prior to the current protests taking place in the country right now, I would say Chile. Chile is a very laid back, affordable country for the most part and its natural beauty is second to none. Certain parts of Chile like Santiago are prone to great sunny weather year round much like so cal without the crowds, and because Chile is a thin a country that borders the Pacific Ocean you are never too far from a beach. Chile is a large country home to every kind of climate on the planet excluding tropical weather making a perfect place to unwind through diverse natural landscapes.

What’s one of your most memorable meals abroad?

A parillada Argentina which is a traditional dish in Argentina with a side of Malbec wine and empanadas as the appetizer. A parallida is basically an assortment of barbecued meats which include steak, grilled chicken, chorizo and other filling portions of different meats. The meat was very tender, filling, and delicious it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had complemented by the rich flavors of Argentinian wine. 

Where have you been where you weren’t very impressed?

I would have to say Memphis Tennessee. There are important historical things to see in the city however they can all be seen in a day or two. Beyond that, Memphis has little to offer and can be very dangerous at certain times of the day. Overall I expected more from the city given its history.

What’s next for you? What’s still on your bucket list?

I would like to visit a few countries in every continent excluding Antarctica. I have yet to visit Australia and any countries in Africa. A few things on my immediate bucket list are an African safari on the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, visiting nomadic eagle hunters in Mongolia, and the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia to name a few. 


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