Frequent Flyer Feature – Ranya Ali

ranya cover
sight-seeing in Paris

She’s nineteen and just getting her feet wet. Ranya talks about her experiences in a few of the world’s top destinations – Dubai, Singapore and London.

How many countries have you visited and what 2 stand out to you the most? 

I’ve been to nine countries and all within the past 2 years. Bosnia stands out most because of how beautiful the country and the people are. People were hospitable and it felt good walking through the old town in the morning and seeing the locals mix with tourists. UK was great too. London felt like a second home. I loved that there was no language barrier and it was really easy to get around via train.

Most people who travel a lot can point to one trip where the travel bug bit. When did you get it? 

My trip to Dubai is definitely when the travel bug bit. I was in awe! The food is amazing! The lifestyle is just different there, lavish to say the least. The Dubai Mall was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Food, shopping, and entertainment all in one place. 

A lot of women are apprehensive about traveling solo or even with their girl friends. Where do you get the courage to visit a totally new place, where you don’t know anyone there? 

The courage comes from my love and desire to see the world and create memorable experiences, despite any fear I may have. It’s important to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings, especially as women, but never allow fear to stop you from traveling. 

A question many people want to know but probably afraid to ask, how can you afford to travel so much? 

Fortunately for me I don’t have any financial commitments. I work, save money, and plan trips. 

What’s the annoying part about traveling that people don’t get to see on Instagram?

The stress of planning, the dreadful layovers, jet lag, learning how to get around a totally new city, and language barrier. 

Some people travel just for the food. Of the countries you’ve been, where was the best food? 

London for sure. London reminds me of LA, in the sense that it’s a melting pot. You will find amazing Arabic, Indian, Jamaican, Italian, whatever you crave. I dedicated a whole day in London to eating at different restaurants and bakeries. 

Where have you been where you weren’t very impressed? 


What’s next for you? What’s still on your bucket list? 

More traveling with my sister! I would love to visit Greece and Palestine, then make my way to some North African countries. 

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