African Safari in Arizona

Not very original, but an African safari is pretty high up on our family bucket list. Until we have an opportunity to experience a legitimate safari, Out of Africa, Arizona, is the next best thing.

Out of Africa could be the best wild animal experience in America. The park, which lies 30 minutes outside of Sedona, checks many boxes: interactive, educational and WILD! Moments after paying the entry fee ($125 for a family of 4) you will be escorted to a waiting safari bus. The staff pleads with you to keep your hands inside the vehicle and DO NOT get out. The rules seem obvious but you know, there are those people out there who need to hear it.

During the ten minute ride, you will come almost face to face with zebra, buffalo, camels, giraffes and more big horned, heavy hooved game. The big cats are scattered throughout the huge park in their own enclosures, but when I say enclosures, I’m afraid you’re thinking of those tiny boring zoo encampments. None of that is going on at Out of Africa. The lions, tigers, leopards and hyenas roam quite freely and are very active. You will come across many different prides of lions. There’s also a popular tiger show where a group of trainers play with a 600 pound tiger like it’s a house cat.

As an added bonus, the stunning city of Sedona is just another half an hour north. Until Tanzania becomes a reality, Sedona and Out of Africa may be the next best thing.

For pictures that correspond to this post, Instagram @tooomanysteps

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